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ZPE-20PB-1, Portable Battery Pump


Quick Overview

These lightweight versatile battery powered hydraulic pumps utilize a rechargeable battery to deliver up to 10,000 psi of hydraulic pressure making them a great choice to power nut splitters, cylinders, and many other hydraulic actuators. Price includes one battery and one charger.

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  1. Lightweight and portable, battery powered pump requires no additional power source when battery is charged.
  2. Pressure relief valve, hydraulic pickup filter, and hydraulic output filter protect pump and hydraulic components from damage.
  3. Pump can be used in any position even upside down.
  4. Pumps are built to withstand years of service and can be completely rebuilt with Zinko rebuild kits.
  5. Hydraulic oil bladder design requires no vent eliminating oil contamination from outside environment.
  6. Quite operation at only 70dB with or without a load.
  7. With a full charge the pump can operate up to 30 minutes without a load and up to 7 minutes at 10,000 psi output.
  8. Weights approximately 10.5 lbs with standard battery installed.
  9. Designed so that battery is protected with the aluminum housing.

Weight: 15 Lbs.
Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information

Oil Capacity (in³) 37 in³
Pressure Rating (psi) 10,000
Output Flow Rate (in³/min) No Load 43
Output Flow Rate (in³/min) Load 3.7
Voltage (Vdc) 14.4
Oil Port (in) 3/8"

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